Year Two

Year 2

Participants follow the natural progression route from first year into RCITY year two. This year the young people take a more active role in ownership of their personal development and the programme. Using their learning from the previous year they design, plan and implement positive community action projects that make a difference. Participants also complete a number of accreditation’s which will support them with education or employment opportunities in the future.

Leadership (Foroige Leadership For Life)

Leadership for life – The participants work their way through each module of the accreditation booklet completing tasks and challenges along with written process. This Accreditation attained awards the young people with 65 UCAS which is presented through graduation ceremony at University Galway.

Social Action Projects

he participants identify, design and facilitate projects with in their communities that help, support or make a difference for others. These projects also allow the participants to showcase positive actions of young people and help break down any stereotypical labels placed on youth by sections of the communities.

Guest / Inspirational speakers

There are many positive stories and role models with in our communities that can make a difference or challenge the thinking of others. We take the opportunity to engage and inspire the participants by arranging talks/presentations.

Christmas Events

This year the group have decided to run a Christmas dinner for the homeless, inviting around 30-40 homeless people that are linked in with organizations such as The Welcome Centre to the Houben Centre and getting a real Christmas spirit with a great dinner, Christmas songs, decorations and good conversation and also putting together winter packs for them.

Goal Setting

Each year group with in the RCITY programme participate in goal setting workshops where the individual young person sets out goals for themselves to achieve. These targets or milestones can be broken down into short, medium and long term goals. These goals will be revisited at the annual camp and the young people take time to reflect on their personal achievements and also support that of the other team members.


The project encourages self reflection throughout the process of the programme as we see it as a important factor in their learning and development. This is done in various ways and also unique settings. The beach session which has an occurring and progressive slot in the summer camps holds a special memory for all participants as its The stand out workshop which allows the young people to fully take of their masks, be the real them and also share with others their personal account of many life experiences to date.


Being supportive to others is a key theme throughout this project and along with support we encourage affirmation of each other. This is done I’m many ways from small learning log groups to larger year groups , staff feedback, parents video or letters and also one – one sessions. To hear your closest friends, peers or family talk of the positive attributes or highlight the inspiring changes is a powerful tool in the self esteem or confidence building of a participant.