Year One

Year 1

The project journey all begins with a five day camp where the participants from across North Belfast come to gather and work alongside each other on a structured programme aimed at strengthening relationships, personal development, goal setting and fun activities. After the camp and kicking off in September the young people begin a year long programme focused on a number of topics which include …

Leadership (Foroige Leadership For Life)

Throughout the year the group focus on this accreditation, this is recognised by universities and gains the young people UCAS points which are valuable, at the end of R-city upon completing the books the young people then graduate out of Galway University.

Goal setting

The group look at setting themselves goals in terms of personally, educationally, family and friends and as a group for the year ahead.

Community Issues

Looking at issues within R communities that affect the lives of young people on a day to day basis


Having guests come in to raise awareness on certain topics to give our young people insights and understanding to some of the other work going on within the communities and other organizations.

Hemsworth project (Working with people with Dementia)

The group go through their Dementia friendly training and then take part in a 4 week project working alongside and getting an insight into the lives of people with Dementia along with getting an understanding of Hemsworth and what it does for the residents living there. The young people build relationships with the residents and have lots of fun through games and working together around the place.

Christmas Events

Organising something so that we can give back to the people of the community around what can be a hard time for some families through food, clothes, toiletries and visits.

South Africa process preparation

Through R-city young people get the opportunity to be selected onto the B2B programme so in order to get them prepared for the process of selection we look at the expectations of the programme and what is took into consideration when going for it- there are two ways of being selected through peer votes or interview.

Entertainment planning

This is where the young people split into 4 groups- They go off on their own and creatively design, take the lead, prepare and organise all the evening entertainment at the camp.