My Choice

My Choice

This programme is made up with young people from Ardoyne and Clonard youth clubs. It focuses on gang culture and choices and consequences, this programme includes a trip to South Africa where the young people will visit Capetown and George, throughout it the group will get an insight and understanding of:

Team building




The group will link up with another group of young people around the same age from a community called Bontehewuel and participate in numerous group work, team building sessions together, building relationships and sharing experiences together.

Decision making

Risk taking behaviour

Goal setting

Gang culture

Visiting gang-ridden communities and meeting residents of the communities and hearing their stories and thoughts on gangs and how they affect them and their lives. Also meeting ex and present members of the gangs within the communities and hearing their life stories and how they got involved and why. This is followed by opportunities for conversations and questions from the young people

Jail visits

The group will have the chance to visit some of the jails in Capetown and George and run some activities which they plan, design and deliver themselves with the prisoners but this will also be followed by the amazing chance to have conversations with the prisoners and hear their stories and plans for the future etc.